How to Instal a New Website Using WordPress CMS



How To Install Your New Website
Hi everyone! If you have purchased our website offer, I would just like to show you how to install it. You can watch this video, but I will also write the instructions here for you too.

Website Setup Instructions

Instructions are for the installation of a brand new website as shown here:

Please Note:

Following these instructions will overwrite any existing content you may have!
So if you have an existing website, where you want to keep all your content (posts, pages and media files etc.) DO NOT follow this setup!
Install Instructions for NEW WordPress Site
Install WordPress.
Delete any plugins your host installs automatically.
Install All-In-One-Migration plugin.
Click ‘All-In-One-Migration’ > Import (You will see the screen above.)
Import the ‘file’ in the ‘Import’ folder. (Or drag and drop it to be uploaded.)
Make a coffee – it will take some minutes to upload.
Once it is uploaded, click ‘Continue’, then ‘Close’.
You will be asked to ‘Save Permalinks’ twice. (Don’t panic with what happens next.)
Go to ‘Settings/Permalinks’. (Before you get a chance to click the save permalinks, you’ll be logged out!)
You will then need to login, however, your own login won’t work! You have overwritten it now with your new website login I have supplied, and will need the following logins to access your new website….
Use the details I have provided in your download folder to login (please note…DO NOT copy and paste…please type them in):
If you can’t login, please contact me here: Support
I can have you fixed up in a few minutes…don’t waste your time…just contact me! I’m in Australia, but I rarely sleep. 🙂
Now you can go to ‘Settings > Permalinks’ and click ‘Save Changes’ twice.
Remember to create a new administrator user (yourself) with your own username and password. Once you have you can delete ‘me’ the user. 😉
Next, you will need to change the contact form details to your own address. Click ‘Contact’ in the dashboard area. (You will see ‘1 configuration error found. This is normal until we change the details!)
Hover over ‘Contact form 1’ and click edit. Now click the ‘Mail’ tab.
Enter your email address in the ‘to’ section.
In the ‘from’ section, <[email protected]> you need an address from your own domain. So if your domain was you would place something like [email protected] or leave it at [email protected]
Next, the disclaimer and privacy policy can have your special wording on them too. If you are an Amazon affiliate for example, you need to place that in your disclaimer. You will find these pages, in the ‘pages’ section.
About page – Write about you!
Affiliate Banner in Sidebar – here is an affiliate program you can promote if you wish! To change to your own affiliate link go to Clickbank and generate your link. To insert your link to look ‘pretty’, go into your admin dashboard and click ‘Pretty Link’ (at the bottom on the left.) Hover over the link and click edit to change to your own!
That’s it! All done!


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